Introduction To The Maze Runner : Journal Entry #1


     The maze runner is a book written by James Dashner and is about a boy
named Thomas, who wakes up in a steel elevator, only to reveal his memory had been wiped and he was now stuck in a grassy area with buildings and livestock boarded by walls area called the Glade. He meets several boys there who have all been previously stuck there , and they all refuse to give him information about his new surroundings.


Alby ( the captain of all the boys, a black, muscular, serious older boy ) and Newt (the co-captain, a skinny yet strong , has a scottish accent ,)  makes Thomas go stay with a young 12-13 year old boy named Chuck , who Thomas makes his new friend. After discussing with chuck he realizes that the walls surrounding the Glade open to a maze, which is the only way out of The Glade , and he quickly learns of the danger of the maze , and the danger of trying to get out.


The genre of this book is science fiction and apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic fiction. I like these genres of fiction because the books that are apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic tend to have very creative plots. These genres of fiction are also popular in the movies at the moment too, such as books like Divergent, The Hunger Games.  I chose this book because the movie recently came out and I have heard a lot of great reviews about the story in general, and I wanted to read the book for myself, instead of just going to watch the movie when it first came out.


I’m glad I chose this book, because its very interesting and creative and when I read it , I can never accurately predict what is going to happen because of the many plot twists in the story, which I enjoy when I read books.  It is from third person perspective , but only explains Thomas’s thoughts and feelings. I prefer this perspective, because I like third person limited view. I enjoy reading books and not knowing what the main character does not know yet, because the main character usually makes decisions that are really bad but they do not know it because they don’t know the extra information that you know.


To the right is a picture of James Dashner , the author of the book, an active author who interacts with his fans constantly on twitter and his website. Even on the back of my book , it has the hashtag #DashnerArmy , which he uses on twitter to talk to his fans.

I wonder what will happen in this book ,will all the boys make it out of the maze alive?

I also want to know how Thomas got his memory wiped, how and why he ended up in the maze, and how long the other boys have been there. I predict that it has something to do with the government placing all the boys there for either entertainment or to train young boys to be civilized like the military.


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Sickness and Secrets

As I get started and get further in this book, we learn about Thomas’s confused feelings and how easily he switches between emotions like anger, sadness, confusion and curiosity and fear. I know that if I was in Thomas’s position , I would be switching emotions all the time as well. Most of the time, Thomas’s curiosity wins out over his other emotions, and he shows it by asking Alby (the group of teenagers leader) questions, even though he is afraid of him and even when Alby refuses to answer any, stating that Thomas will eventually learn and figure it out.

[1] an image of most of the emotions Thomas is feeling

I wonder how much information Alby has about the Glade and the maze surrounding it, and why they were put in it,  in the first place, and how much experience Alby has with the Maze, and why this place is so secretive, I know that if it were me , I would be angry because I dislike situations where no one will give me any information.


Shortly after Newt brings Thomas to meet Chuck , a loud scream is heard, which is later identified by a sick boy named Ben who has been bitten when he was out running in the maze. He is in a big building where they treat people who are sick, and both Newt and Alby run to the building to help out with Ben. Chuck is not alarmed, and Thomas who is afraid , asks why. Chuck states that as long as you get back in time to get the “serum”, you will be fine. This freaks Thomas out, so he decides to go get a better look at Ben.

[2] an image of what I think the serum would look like

After entering the building, he runs into an encounter with a boy named Gally, who does not particularly favour Thomas. He mentions words like “stung” , “taken” , what does that mean? Gally then claims that he has seen Thomas before in “The changing” when he was bitten.


What is “The Changing”? Why did Gally see Thomas? What happens when one of those creatures in the maze bite you? Could the “The Changing” be a hallucination or a vision into the future that anyone that gets bitten sees?


Thomas ventures into the area where Ben is being treated, even though hes not allowed to go there. He catches a glimpse of Ben , and he looks really sick and pale , lots of green veins and purple bruises, until Alby catches him and sends him back out.


I wonder why that happens to you when you’re bitten by these unknown monsters, and how they figured out how to treat you if you get bitten if they’re all just boys, and why only a shot of medicine fixes you , rather than several treatments if you look that sick. I wonder if given the chance , the monsters will completely eat you instead of just biting you, I know that if it were me and I saw Ben , I would be completely terrified and want nothing to do with the maze.


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Discovering the Glade

So far Thomas has learned a little about the new place he has to call home and his new friend Chuck decided to play a prank on an unsuspecting victim in the bathroom which turned out to be Gally ,a boy who dislikes Thomas because he claims he has seen him before in “The Changing”.

I wonder how boring it gets , just working all day, that people will go at extreme attempts to have fun humour themselves. I can get bored really easily so I relate with Chuck , especially because he’s 12-13, so im sure he doesn’t want to work all day, and he just wants to have fun.

[1] This image perfectly illustrated what it feels like to be bored

When Thomas is thinking about his confusing day, he realizes that the entire place is familiar to him, like he’s been there before, and suddenly he wants to be a “runner” , even though hes not entirely sure what a runner even is.

I think that Thomas has been there before , either he escaped and someone wiped his memory and put him back in , or if he has been in this place before it turned into the glade and the maze. Maybe the government put these boys in there and they broadcast it on TV like “survivor” in real life or the “the hunger games” book , where they make children kill each other for entertainment.

[2] The Hunger Games is a perfect example of a where children are put in a dangerous setting and expected to fight for their lives, and in this case it was because of the government they were under.

Thomas is awakened very early the next day by Newt, who takes him quietly out to see something, and tells him to look through a hidden window of the maze. Thomas looks and sees a “Griever”. A “Griever” is a half machine , half cow shaped animal with metal spikes coming out of it, and it jumps at the window when it sees him. Newt explains that these “Grievers” come out only at night, but its still a good reason to not go out. Thomas still wants to be a runner.

I wonder how the “Grievers” got in the maze, and if they were made to be specifically put in the maze , and why they attack humans when they see them , do they eat them? What do they eat? Where do they go in the daytime?

Later, Alby takes Thomas on a tour of the Glade, the place where they grow vegetables, the place they kill cows, chickens, for food, the health building , and more. Alby confesses that he’s been here the longest, for 2 years with the first ever boys that were sent there and hes one of the only ones left alive.

How do they have livestock, and vegetables, and a water pump? How come in those 2 years Alby and the rest of the boys never found a way out? What happened to the rest of the boys? How did they learn how to manage the livestock and grow vegetables?

Thomas saw a weird creature run by , and Alby explains that its a camera , and that the “creators” , watch them. Who are the creators? The government? Scientists? Kidnappers? Alby also explained that supplies come up every week, who is sending the supplies?

Something that stood out to me was when Thomas realizes that the sun is too orange, is this a virtual reality created for them to live in? Is that why they have a water pump , that pumps water through the ground even though it never rains? They also have electricity, where does that come from?


[3] is real picture taken of an almost orange sun and is what I expect the sun to look like in the book.



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A New Arrival and An Attack

After Alby’s tour , an alarm sounds which turns out be a new arrival. Everyone is confused because this is the first time two people have been sent in the same month. Usually only supplies come up every week. Thomas discusses with Chuck about if anyone has ever tried to escape using the box, and Chuck said they have tried everything, going in the box and waiting for it to move but it doesn’t until the box is empty, and one boy even tried to go down after the box went down with a rope. He was cut in half, and they keep his body in a box to show future kids.


Some questions I thought of was what cut that kid in half? , how did they get the half of his body? Did someone put a blade like that on purpose to stop kids from escaping? What happened to the rest of his body?


When they lift up the box, they find a black haired white female, who looks like she is dead. Alby and Newt both question Thomas if he knows her, and Thomas is scared everyone thinks that he injured her and probably just doesn’t remember because of the memory wipe, even though Thomas denies knowing her.


During this discussion , all of a sudden the girl gets up and says “Everything is going to change” (Dashner, pg 57) , she fell back down again but held up her hand which had a piece of paper in it. Newt took the paper and read it out loud , and it said  “She’s the last one. Ever” (Dashner, pg 57) . The “Med-Jacks” checked her pulse and came to a decision that she has a coma and took her away to the place where they treat the sick.


Why was a girl sent? Why is everything going to change? What did they do to her , that made her go into a coma? Why did things start to change when Thomas came? Does Thomas really know her?

I realized in this book they use a lot of slang, for example “klunk” is their word for poop because it makes a “klunk” noise , and med-jacks for the medical workers, which I can connect to in real life because new slang is being created every day, for example “beef” which people use for fight and “selfie” for a picture you take by yourself.

[1] the definition of the word selfie , which I believe is the most commonly used slang word nowadays on social media and in real life. 

After that, Chuck and Thomas snuck into the kitchen to eat a sandwich after the traumatic and confusing experience. While eating Thomas came to a conclusion about why they were there. Thomas said “Chuck, what if we’re all criminals? I mean – what if we’re murderers or something” (Dashner, pg 63).


I thought it was actually true because it sounded so believable, their memories wiped , monster “guards” , no way out. But then chuck said something that made me change my mind. Chuck said “ I’m probably twelve years old dude , at the most thirteen. You really think I did something that would send me to prison for the rest of my life?” (Dashner, pg 64) , which made me believe they probably aren’t criminals.


After coming to this conclusion, Thomas decides to take a walk to clear his mind. He goes to the graveyard and inspects the boy who got sliced in half and all the old graves when someone attacks him out of nowhere. It was Ben. Ben had got out somehow and was trying to kill Thomas because he claims he saw him in “The Changing” and that he’s dangerous and bad.


Why does everyone say they saw Thomas in “The Changing”? Does the changing have to do with the change the girl was talking about what she woke up? Ben mentioned that Thomas will want to take them home , get them out of the maze and that its better they jump off a cliff or beat each other up.  Does Thomas gut feeling to be a runner mean he will be the one to get them all out? Why is getting out of the maze bad?


Alby gives Ben a couple a seconds to not kill Thomas, Ben still tries and Alby shoots Ben with his bow , Ben fell to the ground and they take him away. Thomas can’t sleep all night because he keeps replaying that scenario in his head , which I can relate with because I overthink things all the time and if it was me , I probably wouldn’t even sleep.


He has to start trying to find a job that suits him best tomorrow, which hes ok with because he realizes the glade would be nothing if everyone was lazy and didn’t do anything. I agree with that because if they never worked they would probably go crazy and die out quicker and would not have survived the 2 years they did.



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The Banishment

The next morning after Bens attack, Newt woke Thomas up early to go try the job of a “slicer” , someone who takes care of livestock and kills them when they are ready to be eaten. Before going to try the job, he asks Newt about the girl. Newt says she’s still in a coma and that the med-jacks are helping her recover.

What did the “creators” do to the girl that she’s in a coma? Will she ever wake up from the coma? Who is she? Does Thomas really have a connection with her? Is she related to Thomas or are they going to date?

[1] An image of what this book might turn into

After a long day of cleaning and taking care of animals, Thomas steps out of the “Bloodhouse” for a breath of fresh air.

Coincidentally he sees a runner come out of the maze , and decides that he wants to ask him some questions about being a runner when the runner collapses on the ground. Thomas yells for Alby , and the runner explains that he’s fine, just exhausted. He says his name is Minho , and he explains that he’s back so early because he has news. When Alby comes , Minho explains that he found a dead griver out in the maze.

Minho has a very joking personality, he makes a lot of jokes even when people dont know hes joking, for example he made Thomas upset by insulting him with the word newbie without knowing that Thomas didn’t know it was a joke. I can relate with Minho because I joke around all the time as well , even when people might not know I am.


 Later at lunchtime , Chuck delivered the news to Thomas that Ben is still alive and that the arrow didn’t get to his brain. The Keepers had a “gathering”, and had decided to keep Ben in the “The Slammer” (a building they use as a jail) until sunset, when they are going to “banish” him. Chuck smiles at the news, which makes Thomas uncomfortable.


Why do they need a jail? Do they keep the people who all go crazy in there or do a lot of people break the rules? What is banishment? Chuck smiling at the news makes me think back to Thomas’s theory that they are all in for a crime, because he doesn’t seem at all affected by the news , so maybe they all are killers.


As soon as its sunset, they take Ben and Newt hands Alby a long pole with a collar attached to it. They put the collar on Ben and all the keepers hold on to the pole , despite his pleading and screaming that he’ll never do it again. The keepers then use the pole to push Ben into the maze as the doors are closing, and the part of the pole the keepers are holding detach from the one on Ben as the doors closed.


Where did they get the idea to banish people into the maze? How did they figure out how to do it? If it were me I would never be able to push Ben in while he’s pleading and screaming , even Thomas felt horrified, guilty and upset because he felt like it was his fault Ben got banished.


The next morning, Newt wakes up Thomas to try his next job. Newt says even though the banishment happened , Thomas needs to get working. Thomas and next watch as Minho finds the pole with the collar on it that was on ben , right behind the doors as they opened. Newt says he has only ever seen 3 banishment ceremonies, but every time the grievers leave the pole with the collar in the same place.


Why did the other 2 people get banished? Did they attack other people or did they just go crazy? Do the grievers leave the pole there on purpose? What do the grievers do to them?


Thomas asks Newt about runners, and Newt confesses that he used to be a runner, but he tripped once when he was out in the maze, running from grievers and now his leg isn’t the same as it used to be so he can’t be a runner anymore. He says that to be a runner you have to be quick , strong , smart , know when to take risks, and be a great decision maker.

[3] Hansel & Gretel leaving breadcrumbs in the forest

That makes me wonder, how do the runners know which way will bring them back and what time is a good time to find their way back? If it was me I would leave a trail of bread/rocks/sticks so that I could know where I’ve already been and how to get back, like in that old fairy tale with the two children in the forest (Hansel & Gretel).


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A Deeper Look At Thomas

Thomas is the main character in James Dashner’s The Maze Runner. He finds himself and a bunch of other teenage boys trapped with their memory wiped in a place called the Glade , a grassy area with livestock, a garden , a graveyard , and a couple of buildings with no way out.


Thomas is in his teens, he doesn’t know his exact his age but it has been said he looks 16, he is 5’9 and has brown hair.


[1] To the right is an image Thomas’s actor in the movie


Thomas is courageous , and emotionally driven. Thomas will do anything he thinks is necessary if he is emotionally determined to ,for example , walking into a place where someone who is sick and screaming wheres he’s not allowed to be or demanding answers from people hes afraid of, just to try and get answers.

He will do anything he thinks will get him closer to what he needs to know. Thomas reacts mainly based of his emotions and his curiosity, which makes a fellow glader Gally suspicious of why he is so “comfortable” in the glade , and why only after a couple days of staying here that Thomas is not scared and upset about being there.


Thomas just wants to figure out why he’s here and what this place is and how they all got there , but Gally is suspicious of him, saying he knows him from somewhere and that he’s trouble, and that he’s probably come to ruin their lives and change things.


[2] The image above is Gally’s actor in the movie


Thomas reacts to Gallys hatred and accusations to him by ignoring it , and avoiding Gally. Even when a sick boy named Ben accuses Thomas of coming to ruin their lives and change things, Thomas is a little concerned and afraid, but he still reacts by acting like it was a crazy coincidence and ignores it by not talking about it. Most of the other boys do believe its a coincidence and they trust Thomas.



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Going Into The Maze

After last nights events, Newt explains that the entire glade is built off order and that is why they all have jobs and work everyday, and why they have rules, because if they don’t work or have rules, they’ll go insane. He says order is the reason they got rid of Ben, because he wasn’t sane and they can’t have “loonies” running around. Today, Alby and Minho are going to go and investigate the dead griever.

When Newt says the entire glade is built off order , that made me think of how in real life , we live based off order as well. I think it’s unusual that the only way they could stay sane was to make the glade operate the way real life is , with a jail , and rules, jobs and work. I relate with it though because maybe the only way we are sane as humans is because we have order as well, so it was smart of them to decide on all of these rules and jobs.

[1] The image to the right is of various jobs

Thomas tries a job working the gardens , and enjoys it more than his last job as a slicer. While working the gardens he decides to ask the keeper Zart, some questions he wants answers to. He asks Zart what jobs there are, and Zart lists off a couple which were the builders, the sloppers, baggers, cooks, map-makers, med-jacks, track-hoes, slicers/bloodhousers, runners and maybe a little more.

Zart explained that the sloppers were the ones who cleaned everything, like Chuck. Track-hoes are the workers who trench and do all the heavy lifting. Baggers take away and bury dead bodies, but they are mainly the security guards and “police”. Zart adds that many people have more than one job in the glade.

When its close to sunset, Newt and Thomas have realized that Alby and Minho have not returned from the investigation of the dead griever. Newt is worried ,and Thomas suggests they should send a search party into the maze to find them. Newt says that sending search parties and going into the maze at night are forbidden, since more people will get lost in the maze.

[2] The image to the left is of all the emotions at the moment

I somewhat agree with this rule, because it does seem like common sense to not allow other people to risk their lives with such a small rate of survival, but I know it would bother me to just do nothing about the loss of a team member.

Everyone believes they are dead until Thomas sees Minho carrying alby as the doors are closing , it was clear they were not going to make it and in the last second despite anyones judgement, Thomas stepped into the maze as the doors finally shut.

I didn’t expect Thomas to do that, and if it were me I would never have the confidence or the courage to step into the maze for people I barely knew. I know its a brave thing to do , and I would want to do that, I just don’t know if I would choose that option in the 30 seconds he had to think about it.

[3] The image below to the right is of what my I believe my mind looks like trying to make decisions 

Once inside the maze, Minho is angry at Thomas for breaking their rule , and because it was not going to help save their lives. Minho reveals that 12 people have already died out in the maze at night , and there were more people whose bodies were never found. Minho then explains that the dead griever was not dead, and that it came back to life pricked Alby. Grievers prick you with their needles and thats how you get stung.

All of sudden they hear the sound of machinery and knives rubbing against knives, and Minho says that if they split up and run , they may have a chance. Before Thomas could say anything , Minho runs. Thomas decides it wouldn’t be right to run, considering he might run into a griever by accident. Instead he takes some vine and decides to tie himself and alby to the wall. After a great struggle with lifting alby he gets him and alby up on the wall when he hears a griever.

Can grievers see? Is the griever alive like a bear or is it pure machine? Will they survive the night?

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Wicked’s Grievers

Currently , Thomas is in the maze after entering it without thinking when he realized Minho and the passed out Alby were not going to make it. He sees a griever and observes it. He describes it as a giant slug covered in hair and slime, with randomly placed mechanical arms all over it. It also has metallic spikes popping it out of its disgusting skin every ten to fifteen seconds.

[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] The images above are my thoughts on what Thomas describes , I still can’t picture it clearly

Something that stood out to me was when Thomas thinks “what-or-who could create such frightening,disgusting creatures” (Dashner, pg 126). I agree because where do you get the idea to create a monster by combining machinery and slug together? Is this a mutant monster that was combined by accident?


While Thomas held his breath on the wall, a beetle blade ( the small creatures the “creators” use too watch them) crawled near him. Thomas suddenly realized it revealed his spot to the griever, but not before realizing it had the word WICKED written on it. The griever came up to the wall underneath where Thomas was , and turned off.


Why the word WICKED? How does the beetle blade communicate with the grievers? Are the creators controlling the grievers? Why are the grievers determined to any of them when given the chance?


As soon as Thomas thought he was safe, the griever started to climb the wall. Thomas quickly realized the only way to save Albys life was to lead the griever away, so he quickly moved to the left and jumped off the wall breaking the grievers mechanical arm in the process.


Can a griever be killed? Why don’t the runners carry weapons to protect themselves in case they are accidentally stuck in the maze at night?

Thomas runs away from the griever, only to run in the path of three more grievers. Using his quick thinking again, he stands in one spot and runs quickly to the side when the grievers get close to him. Minho watches him do this from up ahead, and tells him to run with him. They run until they get to an opening they call the “Cliff” an opening that leads to nowhere.


[6] The image below to the right is what I think the cliff looks like 


They use the same technique and push the last griever inside the cliff. But an odd thing happens, although the grievers went over the edge, they do not fall. Instead they disappear into thin air. Thomas throws a rock over the edge, and it falls all the way down.


Why does this happen? I think that maybe they were put in a virtual reality, and that the grievers don’t actually exist. I wonder why the cliff is there, why is there an open exit with nothing in it? Does an exit appear in it in specific moments of the day or night?


It is sunrise, and Thomas and Minho run to go see if Alby has survived. They are not sure if the medicine can save him since no one has survived the night to take the medicine. Minho explains that they call the medicine the “Grief Serum” and that it appears with the supplies every week in a syringe already ready to be injected into someone who has been attacked by a griever. They find Alby still on the wall alive, and they inject him with the grief serum.


[7] a one use syringe like the grief serum


Soon Alby started “the changing” and his screams are heard from the place where he is being treated. Newt and Thomas both said statements about “the changing” which made me think. Newt describes it as  “Anyways its like being given your old life back, only to have it snatched away again” (Dashner, pg 149)  While Thomas speculates “Are they changed because they want to go back to their old life or is it because they’re so depressed at realizing their old life was no better than what we have now ?”(Dashner, pg 149)


I think Thomas theory about the changing is accurate compared to Newts, because the world must be in a terrible state if they were allowed to be placed or forced in this place. Wouldn’t seeing memories of your good life motivate you to want to get out , rather than make you depressed and crazy? Do they have memories of being placed in the glade or is it just memories of their life? How come this serum brings back your memories?


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Breaking The Rules

After last nights events, The keepers decide to hold a gathering (meeting) about Thomas and what they should do with him for breaking their number 1 rule: going into the maze at night time. At the gathering after some discussion , it turns out that half the keepers want to punish Thomas and the other half wanted to reward him for what he did.

Gally, is a part of the boys think Thomas should be punished and he suggests that Thomas might be a spy, considering its suspicious that he is the only one able to survive the maze through the night and because when Gally got stung, he saw Thomas in the Changing. He thinks Thomas has been spent to ruin their lives.

[1] The image to the right is of a spy

Minho on the other hand, believes that they should make Thomas the keeper of the runners for his quick thinking and bravery when they were out in the maze and that Thomas acted way smarter than Minho did, instead of running and leaving Alby to die he almost died trying to save Albys life.


Eventually Newt decides to combine both their ideas by agreeing Thomas should be punished but he should be rewarded. He decides that Thomas should spend a day in the slammer but he can also become an official runner. Gally storms out and threatens Thomas.

I agree with Newts decision because it was an unintelligent decision to go into the maze at night, considering there was such a little chance of survival. I think he should at least spend a day in the slammer so that other people won’t think they’ll be able to survive if they break a rule like that.

[2] Thomas breaking the rules made me think of the image above

After the meeting, a med-jack breaks the news to Thomas that Alby would like to speak to him. Thomas is afraid that Alby will make the same accusations as Gally and Ben. Newt and Thomas go when Alby asks to speak to Thomas alone, so Newt waits outside. Alby begins to explain how he knows who Thomas and the girl are, and that he remembers the “flare”.

 Why does everyone remember Thomas in their memories? What did Thomas do to end up in their old memories? What is the “flare”? Is the “flare” the reason they were put in there? Why isn’t Alby mad at him like Ben and Gally were?

 Before Alby can reveal anymore, he starts to have a seizure and begins to attempt to choke himself when Newt barges in and helps Thomas to stop Alby. When Alby finally stops, Newt is angry as Alby says “Don’t know what happened , It was like . . . something was controlling my body” (Dashner,pg 173-174)

 That made me wonder, what if the serum is actually a computer chip or mind controlling fluid, that allows the creators to control the person’s memories and body. Or were there bodies already being controlled before they were placed in the glade since their memories were wiped?


[3] The image to the right shows a tiny computer chip which is what I visualize they put in their bodies to control them if they did



Before they leave, Alby said two things which were “ Be careful with the girl” (Dashner, pg 174) and “Protect The Maps” (Dashner, pg 175) These statements make me predict that something is going to happen to the maps and/or the girl.

 Newt says that Alby is the only one that actually ever tried to tell what he saw in the changing, which makes me definitely think that somehow the creators can control them. But how?



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Taunting Telepathy

Newt wants to figure out why everyone sees Thomas , and makes him think of anything familiar to the Glade, but Thomas can’t so Newt brings him to go see the girl. A med-jack says that in her coma she has been saying various phrases, which have included Thomas’s name. After looking at her for a couple of minutes, Thomas realizes he does know her. That’s when a girls voice says “Teresa” in his mind.

Thomas is instantly creeped out. He tells Newt, but Newt thinks that its just a memory. The talking in his mind continues, with phrases like “Tom, we’re the last ones. It’ll end soon. It has to.” , “Tom don’t freak out on me” ,“Everything is going to change” “My memory’s fading already, Tom. I won’t remember much when I wake up. We can pass the trials. It has to end. They sent me a as a trigger” (Dashner , pg 184)

This makes Thomas so scared that he decides to run from it, running into the maze around and around trying to get away from the voice in his mind but it doesn’t go away. “It was you and me, Tom. We did this to them. To us” (Dashner, pg 187).

How does she talk in his mind? What does she mean by those phrases? What are the trials? What did she Thomas do? Why does she call him Tom?

[1] the image to the left is of brain communication

This made me wonder about if telepathy is possible in real life, and I found this recent study [2] where scientists were able to have an person in India say chao and hola to three other people in France by brain , which is was really cool to me.

When Thomas gets back, he realizes there’s a mix of reactions towards him. Some of the boys give him dirty looks, while others congratulate him for saving Alby. Gally has disappeared and no one has seen him since the gathering. The last time someone saw him, he was running into the maze. He hasn’t returned since.

Soon Alby has recovered and Thomas is put in the slammer to serve his one day sentence. Chuck goes to talk with him asking him “Do you think I have parents? real parents?” (Dashner, pg 193) which makes Thomas think of “the talk” your parents have with you but he can’t remember who gave him the talk.

That makes me wonder, how do you wipe someone’s memories of the small details without erasing everything? What was the point of wiping their childhood memories as well? Do they have parents? Did their parents put them in there? Do they have siblings? 

[3] the image to the right is an image of a family

Alby goes to talk to Thomas when he is let out of the slammer in the morning, saying that Thomas was helping the creators and thats what he saw in the changing. One of the lines he said afterwards was “I hope the changing doesn’t give us real memories – just plant fake ones” (Dashner , pg 197)

That made me wonder if the memories are real , do they put Thomas in there to make everyone turn against Thomas? If the memories are real then why do they change you?

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