What I’m Doing For My Project

For my Independent Novel Creative Project I will be focusing on theme, because I believe that nowadays many of the famous books at the moment focus on the same theme, a world that is in danger because of either the government or the environment, with people forced to save the world.

I chose theme because it’s the most interesting thing in the book that relates to real life. This theme is also kind of like a moral message because it relates to what can happen if people don’t stand up for their rights in the times when people need it the most.

The Maze Runner genre is classified as a Apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic fiction. It is also set in a Dystopian setting. Dystopia is an frightening/undesirable place, which is also a common theme in the popular books and movies nowadays. My purpose of my creation is to figure out and prove why this theme is popular and common among the popular books and movies at the moment. The audience for this is mainly teenagers since the common audience for this theme are teenagers.

I will be creating a magazine to talk about the theme and how it relates to real life , why people are interested in this style of books, how the theme ties in with the book and why I am interested in this theme and how it made the book good. I chose a magazine because I think it’ll be easy to make it creative , but still display my information on it.

My creation will convey the importance of theme and how it relates to what people find interesting, and how this theme is portrayed in different books/movies.

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