Introduction To The Maze Runner : Journal Entry #1


     The maze runner is a book written by James Dashner and is about a boy
named Thomas, who wakes up in a steel elevator, only to reveal his memory had been wiped and he was now stuck in a grassy area with buildings and livestock boarded by walls area called the Glade. He meets several boys there who have all been previously stuck there , and they all refuse to give him information about his new surroundings.


Alby ( the captain of all the boys, a black, muscular, serious older boy ) and Newt (the co-captain, a skinny yet strong , has a scottish accent ,)  makes Thomas go stay with a young 12-13 year old boy named Chuck , who Thomas makes his new friend. After discussing with chuck he realizes that the walls surrounding the Glade open to a maze, which is the only way out of The Glade , and he quickly learns of the danger of the maze , and the danger of trying to get out.


The genre of this book is science fiction and apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic fiction. I like these genres of fiction because the books that are apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic tend to have very creative plots. These genres of fiction are also popular in the movies at the moment too, such as books like Divergent, The Hunger Games.  I chose this book because the movie recently came out and I have heard a lot of great reviews about the story in general, and I wanted to read the book for myself, instead of just going to watch the movie when it first came out.


I’m glad I chose this book, because its very interesting and creative and when I read it , I can never accurately predict what is going to happen because of the many plot twists in the story, which I enjoy when I read books.  It is from third person perspective , but only explains Thomas’s thoughts and feelings. I prefer this perspective, because I like third person limited view. I enjoy reading books and not knowing what the main character does not know yet, because the main character usually makes decisions that are really bad but they do not know it because they don’t know the extra information that you know.


To the right is a picture of James Dashner , the author of the book, an active author who interacts with his fans constantly on twitter and his website. Even on the back of my book , it has the hashtag #DashnerArmy , which he uses on twitter to talk to his fans.

I wonder what will happen in this book ,will all the boys make it out of the maze alive?

I also want to know how Thomas got his memory wiped, how and why he ended up in the maze, and how long the other boys have been there. I predict that it has something to do with the government placing all the boys there for either entertainment or to train young boys to be civilized like the military.


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